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When you combine Airstream’s iconic design with Mercedes-Benz’ legendary German engineering, it’s no surprise that the result is excellence. The Mercedes-Benz features remarkable safety and performance capabilities and Airstream wanted Vision House to highlight these along with their exciting new trim packages in a video for their dealer channels to use on showroom floors, tradeshows and on websites.  We worked with their marketing team to create an evergreen asset that is incrementally updated with each new model year… one of the tremendous benefits of 3D models and animation over traditional video or photography.


Oct 14, 2017
by Vision House

Marketing channels used include:

  • Worldwide Dealer Network
  • Product page
  • Blog
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Numerous other social channels


3D Animation
3D Modeling
Motion Graphics
Graphic Design

3D ANIMATION IS Flexible and Cost-Effective

Once a 3D model was created, it allowed Airstream to routinely update their model and the animated videos whenever the product received feature improvements or body redesigns.  This happens almost every year and would become cost prohibitive if new live video had to be recorded each time instead of a simple update to their animation.  They can also render out photorealistic versions of the model and seamlessly insert them into lifestyle photographs, brochures or even standard film and video if necessary.  And again, when the Interstate design gets changed, there is no need to schedule a costly new photo or video shoot… we just update the 3D model an re-render the animation as needed. Flexible. Cost effctive. Evergreen. Easy…. 3D is awesome.


3D animation has a unique ability to tell complex stories in cost effective, dramatic ways.  Sometimes it is the only way to get a “camera” on your subject matter due to extreme environmental or physical limitations.  And it is relatively easy to update, keep fresh and even repurpose for print media. It really is a tremendous value in the right circumstances.

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