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Quarterly Vision House Newsletters | The Web Video Is Key blog series has tons of information to help you get started in video marketing.  And if you’ve already started producing videos, you’ll find great tips on how to optimize and fully leverage your investment.


Q1 2014 – Happy New Year!
After braving the “polar vortex” last week with it’s sub-zero temps, we have hit the ground running in 2014. The cold weather afforded us some time to reflect on the past year, and it’s been outstanding!  It’s hard to believe that 2014 marks ten years in business for Vision House Studio. We have had the great blessing of finding many new long term partners over the years and we’ve collaborated on some exciting work together (see the case study below for a recent example.)  We are grateful to God for all of our partners, both new and old, and look forward to working together with all of you for another ten years. Thanks for a great 2013!

Q2 2014 – More Pixels… or Better Pixels?
The resolution craze seems to be insatiable.  From 480p to 720p to “Full” 1080… there seems to be no end to the pixel pushing hype.  Consumers and corporate marketers are driving a new push to sell Ultra 4K televisions at a time when broadcasters and local media markets have just finally settled into their new HD equipment and workflows.  Netflix is streaming 4K movies. Apple has released a new computer with a 5K screen and their latest Mac Pro is configured to handle multiple 4K. Ultra resolution televisions are dropping in price and the market seems to be warming to the idea of another format.. even as the subject of 8K starts to enter the discussion.  But do we really need 8K? Is it even useful in a home theater situation? Or do we need higher quality images? Most people believe higher resolution is the way to go… but maybe we need a better picture first. Here’s why…



Q1 2013 – Web Video Is Key
A recent Forrester study showed that a webpage with video was 53 times more likely to gain a page-one position in the SERPs. Additionally, 1 in 3 B2B decision-makers are turning to online video for information. And get this, viewers of videos are 64 percent more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Are you taking advantage of this? Read on…

Q2 – Video Is On Fire
In today’s competitive business world, creativity in web marketing is a critical part of attracting customers or articulating your vision. One method that has moved to the forefront of advertising is video marketing. Sites such as YouTube have become a massively popular platform for research, entertainment and quick searches on nearly any topic and, as a result… we have a new, fertile field for advertising growth. It’s no wonder since YouTube alone attracts 136 million unique viewers every month according to Nielsen. Read on…

Q3 – Why Start Video Marketing! 
If you need some justification for why you or your company should make the spend for video marketing, here’s your list. These data points make a compelling case for why should start using web video.

Remember 15 years ago when your boss said a web site really isn’t that important… boy was he wrong. Many regretted their slow response to internet marketing, suffering their competition’s head start. Well, unfortunately, some organizations are still dragging their feet when it comes to a solid video marketing strategy. SEO benefits, branding, community interaction, social media shares, measurable results, mobility. The list goes on and on. Here are no less than twelve solid data points that make the case for video.

Q4 – Video Takes Over the World
In one month (June 2013) 187 million US web denizens watched 48 billion videos online.  If you aren’t including video on your website in some form or fashion, then you’re missing out in a big way.  According to CISCO, web video traffic will be an estimated 69% of ALL global consumer web traffic within the next four years. Wow. Dont’ miss out.