Whether you’re marketing products, services, or your brand in general, you need to utilize techniques that make both a quick and lasting impression. No matter who you include in your target demographic, your marketing strategies must appeal to a collective attention span that is ever decreasing in capacity. In other words, your ads and other outreach efforts should captivate people quickly – and they should be able to effectively and efficiently convince your audience that they need whatever it is that you are selling.

Communicating Product Benefits

When you are conducting a marketing campaign for your business, one of your top goals is likely to be communicating the benefits that your product or service will offer potential customers. As contributor Mark Macdonald asserts on the blog for Shopify (one of the leading ecommerce platforms), video can serve as “an incredibly persuasive medium” in terms of getting your message across. Instead of attempting to sell your product via describing it in text format, you can allow images in motion to do that work for you.

The existence of 3D animation across virtually any and every user interface is no longer a far-off dream. This format is rapidly replacing 2D in terms of keeping users interested and engaged. In fact – according to TechCrunch contributing writer Amitt Mahajan, among many others – “3D Is The New 2D”. People who may have responded favorably yesterday to an advertisement in text may become bored with the same ad tomorrow. 3D animation provides you with endless opportunities to convey product benefits to your intended demographic. If you truly hope to remain competitive in the marketplace and express just how invaluable your product is to your prospective client base, then embracing 3D technology as part of your overall marketing plan is essential.

Generating Leads

Naturally, you will need to find viable leads before you can begin to sell the merits of your brand to potential buyers. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is by providing video content related to your brand or industry via social media. By offering relevant content in video form, you may convert many of the followers of your social media pages into people who want to learn more about your products/services (and who are also willing to be added to your email list). Additionally, the power of leveraging social media users to share your content and spread the word about your business cannot be overemphasized as a modern advertising tool; generating fresh leads in this manner is the word-of-mouth marketing strategy of today.

Better SEO and Increasing Your Web Traffic

When you optimize your video content for search engine optimization (SEO), you can increase the shareability of your content – which should subsequently draw more traffic to your website and social media pages. By displaying your optimized videos on your own website, you may lead more organic traffic there. However, don’t underestimate the potential of having your videos seen on various social media sites, such as YouTube. When you make your video content available on established platforms, you can instantly draw the attention of a new user base that might otherwise never have discovered your brand.

Cutting Edge Technology

In the same way that PowerPoint presentations were routinely utilized to create solid presentations for trade shows and corporate sales meetings a decade ago, 3D animation and cutting edge motion graphics are now being used in a similar context. Whether you’re in the business of selling technical services, industrial supplies, or household cleaning products, you must rely on innovative methods if you expect to get noticed. As evidenced by the public demand for drones, smart homes, and other state of the art concepts presented at major tech trade shows), today’s consumers expect to experience advanced technology as a significant feature of the general advertising landscape.

In most cases, the bottom line for any business is conversions. You get conversions by first attracting leads and next, by impressing those leads enough to convince them to try your products and/or services. Video may be consistently depended upon as a format that gets your message across quickly and creatively. In a marketplace that is more competitive than ever, your brand must stand apart from the rest as invaluable to your target demographic.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to accomplish that is by offering video content that quickly explains the uniqueness of your brand to prospective customers. The same content may also be used to efficiently convince such individuals that they cannot go another moment without making a purchasing decision in your favor. You don’t need to become a video and animation expert to implement this proven strategy – instead, you can collaborate with our talented digital media artists to create video presentations that will captivate and convert your intended audience.