There are a number of ways that 3D animation can be used to great advantage in making your business more successful, regardless of what kinds of products or services your company has to offer. As opposed to the standard representation of a product or service via everyday real footage, 3D motion graphics has the ability to turn those images into something that sizzles and practically pops right off the screen.

When the point is to sell a product or service, and promote your company’s business, the medium which instantly grabs viewers’ attention and refuses to let go is probably the best choice. According to Neil Wood-Mitchell, animation guru from Three Motion Video, “From high-budget movies to targeted online ads, 3D animation can help sell your ideas far more effectively than filmed footage alone.”

Advantages of using 3D animation 

There’s more usefulness to 3D animation than just its attention-getting appeal however. There are some other very practical and powerful reasons why 3D motion graphics should be incoroporated into your marketing strategy as a means of depicting some featured aspect of your business.

  • In any kind of marketing piece you create, your products or services can be advantageously represented or positioned – and from any angle you choose. When future styles dictate an update, your product can be re-positioned to accommodate those newer styles.
  • Once your product has been rendered into 3D, it can be inserted into any environment or background, whether it be a real setting or a created one. Because you are working with a 3D representation and not a real-life situation, updates become very easy to do. By contrast, a real-life video would have to be re-filmed with another shooting crew, at significant expense.
  • 3D product animation is an outstanding way of presenting the assemblies and sub-assemblies of a finished product so the entire object can be easily visualized. During design and development stages, this kind of depiction can literally be priceless, because it facilitates changes and re-designs at a stage when the cost is low – changes at any later stage can be very costly.
  • Only 3D animation can quickly communicate to observers what a product or service looks like from every angle, and this is exactly the kind of instant communication and comprehension that marketing strives to achieve.
  • Precision is another hallmark of 3D motion graphics, in the sense that every detail of a product, both inside and out, can be displayed with the kind of accuracy that no other medium can offer.

Business applications for 3D animation

From the above, it should be easy to see that there are a great many ways that 3D motion graphics can be used to promote your business and focus attention on your product or service offerings.

  • Your website SEO strategy can be greatly enhanced by the usage of 3D animation. If you’ve been thinking that SEO optimization relies solely on the liberal use of meaningful keywords, you need to broaden your vision to include motion graphics. Search engines assign significant weight to video usage, and users gravitate to them like bees to flowers.
  • Trade shows are a great setting for 3D animation to be highlighted, because at such venues it is essential to quickly get viewer attention, and to represent a product with precision from all angles. And once again, the built-in appeal of video assists in securing rapid interest.
  • In-person sales scenarios can be very effective when 3D animation is used in support of a sales pitch, for many of the same reasons mentioned above. This also takes the onus off your sales personnel for having to remember every single detail about a given product, since much of that information can be incorporated into the graphical display and narration.
  • When it is essential to communicate product benefits to potential buyers, no other medium can do that as effectively as 3D motion graphics, because nothing else can supply the kind of precise visual representation of a product that 3D can. When a user has only a foggy understanding of how a product might be useful, it isn’t very likely that a sale will be made; by contrast, a clear understanding of a product’s benefits is much more likely to result in a sales conversion.
  • Apart from general usage of 3D motion graphics in business, it can be particularly useful in some specific applications. The medical field for instance, has made great use of 3D animation for educating students about surgery procedures, and industrial product development has progressed rapidly with the use of product design through stills and animation. While 3D animation is tailor-made for some businesses in particular like these and others, it can be used to great effect in all businesses.

3D animation produces results

Late in 2015, a spectacular 3D animated video was produced, depicting one of the most recognizable university mascots in America, coming to life. The Penn State Nittany Lion was featured in a very clever TV commercial intended to promote the school and its student life. While retaining all the attributes of the original limestone statue, the Nittany Lion took on flexibility and agility as it moved gracefully and powerfully through the 30-second spot.

The underlying theme of the commercial was to demonstrate the lifelong connection between students and the university, via the symbolic representation of the lion. It eventually won several awards, including an Emmy from the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

While not every 3D animation production will achieve this kind of towering success, the medium is so effective and evocative that every one can have that potential.