In today’s competitive business world, creativity in web marketing is a critical part of attracting customers. One method that has moved to the forefront of advertising is that of video marketing. Sites such as You Tube have become a popular platform for advertising. It’s no wonder since the site attracts 136 million unique viewers every month according to Nielsen.

A successful video marketing project requires a well thought out and executed plan. But you don’t need an enormous production budget or celebrities to effectively get the point across. Here are some guidelines to a simple and effective web video marketing strategy plan.

Keep it simple yet actionable. Don’t believe that your marketing video has to rival that of a 6 figure budgeted television commercial. Some of the most effective advertising videos are actually produced with an inexpensive camera and a quiet space in the office. The true secret is to make the content authentic by speaking directly to the audience. Additionally, having a call to action at the end such as placing a phone call or visiting the website is a must.

Make it search engine friendly. Even videos have to be effectively optimized for search engines. While it sounds overly technical, it basically comes down to properly filling out the description and keyword fields on You Tube. If you are just posting the video on your website, be sure that there is a summary of the video that incorporates related keywords.

Take advantage of Google+. Establish an account on Google+ if you haven’t already to list your business. Post the video under your profile so that users seeking a local business can find your listing and view the video as well.

Harness the power of social media. Posting the video on Facebook as well as using Twitter with a link to the video and/or website will attract more visitors and can be easily recommended to others.
By heeding these simple guidelines for video content, your customers are much more likely to follow up with a visit to your website. In fact, a recent study demonstrated that ads with video content generated six times as many website visits than standard banner ads.

Vision House can assist you with your video marketing endeavors to bring more visitors to your business. Contact us today for information on how our media and production expertise can assist you.