Get Visible! Use Digital Signage to Bring Your Message to Your Target Audience

Digital signs are everywhere, using eye-grabbing graphics, colors, animation and words to get your message in front of consumers. They are big, bold, colorful and fun to watch. And they sell.

Here is a look at what digital signage is, where it is found, and how it can help you bring your message direct to the people who want to buy your products and services.

What Is Digital Signage?

You might be confused at what a digital sign is. They aren’t the same as television or Powerpoint presentations set on an infinite loop.

Digital signage refers to a network of displays that are administered from a central location. They can be loaded with information targeted for specific groups of people, which enhances their value to advertisers.

According to the ITU-T Technology Watch Report, they are found in three situations:

  • Where people wait
  • At the point of sale
  • Where people are in transit

Digital Signage Where People Wait

When people wait, they get bored. Digital signs entertain them, keep them updated with helpful information and, of course, tell them about products and services they can use. The last time you waited in line for a teller in your bank, you were most likely diverted by a steady stream of news headlines, stock quotes, weather forecasts and ads for bank services.

Wherever people wait, digital signage sprouts up. Advertisers have rushed to make the most of captive audiences for their products.  You’ll find them in office building lobbies, at conferences, restaurants, stadiums, hotels, health clinics and museums.

Digital Signs at Point-of-Sale

Digital signs are producing high returns on investment for retailers who set them up in kiosks close to the product for sale. They can educate customers about where to find specific items and when they will be available.

Big stores use them to cross-promote their products. Because they are entertaining, customers stop to watch the sign. At the same time, stores can use them to personalize the customer’s shopping experience.

Digital Signs at Transit Points

People on their way to somewhere else are bombarded with messages from digital signage. Advertisers know how effective they are. The signs are seen by all types of people in transit from point A to point B, providing advertisers with a constantly changing audience. These signs are found in airports, subways train stations, even buses and taxis.

In these locations, they provide a real service, giving viewers helpful information for their trip. Interspersed are messages from advertisers with products and services that appeal to people heading to a specific destination and needing certain types of goods to make their trip more comfortable.

In an emergency, these message boards help travelers with notifications and instructions that help them avoid danger. This happens in conditions like extreme weather and earthquakes, if intruders have appeared and for national warnings. Large-scale networks of digital signs are ideal ways to instantly display important information.

Why Are Digital Signs So Effective?

Digital signs are everywhere because they work. Businesses get a solid return on their advertising dollar when they use them. Viewers like them because they enjoy the look of the message.

High-definition flat digital displays are easier on the eye than traditional static screens. The colors are vibrant, the type is crisp and readable. They are natural media for animation and eye-catching cartoon figures.

Digital Signs Are Versatile


The content you first serve up on your digital signage network can also be repurposed to add eye-catching appeal to your social media, blogs and website. This boosts your search engine optimization, or SEO, rankings.

You can easily coordinate your ad campaign over a range of platforms. By repurposing a single set of content, your message and branding stays uniform on your website, in social media and at locations where people wait, travel and buy. You also save money by using it over again.

Digital Signs Are Affordable


We use reliable open-source technology that is both secure and affordable. This reduces the cost of the technology involved, making digital signage affordable for even small to medium size businesses.

If you have an advertising budget, it is likely you can handle the cost of digital signage. Our experienced pros are happy to give you a free, no-obligation estimate. Just call or email for more information. We welcome your questions.


We Are Digital Signage Experts


Our team can put together an open-source digital signage network for you that is reasonably priced, cost-effective, reliable and gets results. Our writers, animators and producers can add content on a regular basis to keep your target market entertained and informed. At the same time, the signs will convey how your products and services can benefit the viewer.

Digital signage is everywhere. You don’t want to lose this proven method of connecting with your prospects. Many businesses hold back because setting up the system seems confusing and too expensive.

Not with us. Our professional staff understands the needs, and budgets, of small, medium and large size businesses. We explain clearly each step of the process. We welcome questions and keep in touch regularly. We know how to adapt our efforts to suit a wide range of budgets.

We Can Help with All Your Video Needs


Our team of experts has years of experience creating effective 3D animation and motion graphics. We produce  corporate video for all types of needs. We understand how to use cutting edge video technology to attract customers and make money for your business.

Well designed and produced videos are essential for every company website. According to Forbes, more than 90% of people who respond to ads report that they use videos to do research and find the right product to buy.

The Guardian predicts that by 2017, almost 70% of all traffic online will be getting their information from video. Content is king, as the internet cliché goes. And video is rapidly becoming the default content that consumers use.


Video and animation can attract viewers at trade shows, on digital signage and for in-person sales presentations. They perk up interest in websites and get your site a higher position in the search engine rankings. They are the best way to convey you’re the benefits of your product or service in a way that is interesting and clear.

Let us help you leverage the power of digital signage, 3D animation, motion graphics and all types of video to reach your target buyer.