When people think of SEO, the first thing that usually comes to mind is using keywords and phrases in blog posts and homepages to get better search engine rankings. While that is a big part of SEO, it’s far from the only tools you can use to expand your site’s reach. SEO can be impacted by a number of factors, especially now that streaming video, 3D animation and motion graphics are so much more common on websites than ever before. Google search bots love churning through videos and your visitors like to watch them. So why aren’t you using it more? Here are few reasons you might want to consider a MoGraph (motion graphics) video for your site…

Video and SEO

Video has arguably become more prominent on the Web than ever before, and they can have a huge impact on a site’s SEO. Videos are great for grabbing people’s attention, and many users are more willing to watch a 30-second ad or tutorial than they are to read a lengthy blog post. A video that is embedded on a website will also help it stand out among other search engine results, especially if Google shows a thumbnail of the video. A video title that matches the rest of a page’s content can also lead to improved rankings.

Finally, there’s a (small) chance that a well-made and clever video will go viral and be shared across social media and other websites. Actually making this happen is a huge challenge; consider a video that goes viral as a happy accident. When it does happen, it can become a marketing goldmine.

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation on the Internet is nothing new. Flash video has been around for years, and while too much animation can actually hurt a site’s SEO and make it seem too “busy” for users, just the right amount can grab people’s attention and improve search engine rankings.  3D animation represents the evolution of Web animation, and it can be just as useful at grabbing a user’s attention and improving Google rankings. 3D animation & MoGraph has a more sophisticated, modern look than traditional business videos when it is done well, and it can help a website stand apart from the competition. We’re pretty excited about the merging of web and 3D animation since we do both already… it’s a great trend for us and we love seeing these two technologies come together. I am seeing more and more of this done at a very high level, and although it isn’t suitable or a good choice for everyone, it does work well for many portfolio or showcase type scenarios.( A great example is here: http://extraordinary.pwc.com 

A 3D animated .gif or video does need to be embedded into a website’s code properly if it is to have a good search engine ranking, so haphazardly throwing a fun animation onto a site could do more harm than good. The best way to do this is to create a 3D animated video and embed it into a website’s HTML so that it is properly picked up by a search algorithm.  Motion graphics videos are better able to convey emotion, they are great for demonstrating products or services, and they are easy to share across different social media platforms and websites. They are usually linked back to the original source (your website), which is another important factor that benefits your search engine rankings. Once again, they need to be embedded correctly into a site’s code if they are to have a positive impact on SEO, and there is such a thing as too much animation and motion on a page. On the other hand, motion graphics of all kinds can be a great way to make a website more appealing and improve its SEO when they are used correctly.

Cost Effective and Great ROI

Aside from the SEO and website benefits, MoGraph videos are multi-purpose. Usually, any investment made in video, 3D animation and motion graphics can also be effectively leveraged for in person sales meetings, trade shows, product DVD’s and more, so the investment is really cost effective and the return far outweighs the investment.

Remember that Content is King

As important as SEO configuration, video and animation can be for a website, always remember that content is king! You can get some easy search engine hits with these elements, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t have great content. Keep your content fresh and relevant, and you will always have users coming back to your site.