There is a common idiom that says you can’t judge a book by its cover; however, this expression doesn’t describe how most consumers determine whether a business or organization is credible. Having well defined and constructed content is powerful in getting that first step towards winning a new customer or member. Many people are influenced greatly by visual content, like pictures and videos. This kind of content forms an easier method for a consumer to absorb information presented without losing interest. After Effects Artists are great for developing images and videos that are capable of attracting customers and maintaining those relationships.

Visual Content

Visual content is of course the cornerstone of any web site design. This includes font styles, sizes, colors, great layouts but even more importantly it describes the final images and videos. According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 65% of the population are visual learners, and people process visual information 60,000 faster than text. Having well designed and crafted video and image content can provide a better result when trying to reach consumers. This means the difference between consumers visiting more than just the first page of your site . After Effects artists are great for this kind of work.  It is an incredible tool for motion graphics, but heres a big secret in the design world – it’s increasingly being used in web design for animated headers and even for achieving dramatic static 3D looks for headers and backgrounds that are very time consuming to achieve in Photoshop or Illustrator.  It’s great to have a designer that can leverage this tool for your site.

After Effects

After Effects is software created by Adobe for producing visual effects, motion graphics, and composing animations. With After Effects, artists are capable of producing two-dimensional images, visual effects, and videos or to develop a pseudo-3d appearance. After Effects is great for enhancing web site design by adding enhanced detail and eye candy that help attract the consumer’s interest. It further is capable of expanding videos to produce green-screen effects, to incorporate 3d animations, and to finalize the video layout. Because of the scope of this software, finding an artist or team of artists that are versed and experienced with After Effects can help businesses and organizations get their content up quickly and easily.  It’s a versatile tool that most web designers are unaware or incapable of leveraging effectively.

Results Enjoyed by After Effects

The power of After Effects allows artists to produce incredible motion graphics and still images. These videos and stills are useful for expressing information to customers while also maintaining their interest. Some possible areas where these images and motion graphics videos can be used include logo animations for computer or mobile software, stylized web site landing pages, summarizing textual content into a visual medium, animated infographics, showcasing previous articles or products, developing glowing, shadow, or other animations for user interfaces, and more. Artists can use After Effects to create beautiful work that is attractive to anyone’s eye.

Visual content is powerful for businesses and organizations looking to attract potential customers and members. Image and video production is great to help provide this form of content. After Effects artists contracted to produce this content is a great choice as they can use this powerful software to develop clean looking images and videos that attract consumers while saving time and money required to see the final product.

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