A new social media trend is web video, and many small and large businesses are using it to dramatically increase their traffic, move past their competition, make more sales, and obtain more leads. If you are trying to figure out how to build your brand through web video, below are some steps to get you headed in the right direction.

Getting Started

You literally have about 10 to 20 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention, and you can achieve this by sharing a benefit or something of value, or invoking curiosity. First, think about what benefit and outcome you want from your video, what you will be offering your viewers, and why they should watch it, and add that in the beginning of the video. Let them know who you are and how they will benefit from watching your video.


Making quality videos is important. Shoot all your web videos in high definition, and make sure the sound and lighting is as professional as you can get it. Your website should have high quality video on it since you will be judged by potential customers on how well your video represents you and your business.

Grab Attention – Provide Value

Create something that will grab the attention of your viewers. Remember, you have no more than 20 seconds to grab their attention and reel them in. Give them value right from the start. This value can be information and knowledge that you have gained, as well as results you have achieved. Sharing mistakes you have made and failures is also beneficial to your viewers as well as it shows them what to avoid. Your overall goal should be to teach your viewers what to avoid and give them some nuggets to increase their success.

Commitment & Consistency

You need to make a commitment to do this over the long haul. Figure out what will motivate you to continue making videos to grow your business. Consistency is key in successful video branding. This is not to say that life will not get in your way from time to time. This is natural and happens to everyone, however, jumping right back in and working towards your end result is vital to your success.

Who do you want your viewers to see in your videos? Who are you coming across as? This is something you need to decide immediately to begin creating your personal brand. If you are not coming across as a real person, your viewers will see right through that. You need to examine your core values and beliefs, realize your talents and strengths, and begin building your personal brand from these things. For more information on how to build your brand through video please contact us here at Vision House Digital.