Our world is constantly changing and moving and sometimes it’s a challenge to keep up.  I love the (Vizio?) commercials with the Dad and his little girl that has to handle all the tech in their house- she sets up the phone, handles the laptop, etc.  (My kids like the commercial too because it’s just like the reality in our house sometimes)  It is hard to keep up, but in business it means survival, right?  I mean, it’s not just a matter of convenience.   Web video is growing dramatically and you really need to consider how your business can benefit.  That means that now is the time to develop a simple & effective web video marketing strategy so you can stand out in the crowd.


Just imagine two websites both selling the same services.  One lists all of the benefits they offer on several different web pages with a lot of written content. The better site has a 60-second video on the home page featuring a customer speaking about the benefits they receive from working with your organization. Jackpot! You can talk all day about how great your company is, but when your customers start singing your praises in video, you are going to see significant results.

And site visitors are increasingly watching video both at home and on tablets and phones. I believe that extra pages of content are useful for SEO and for those that want to dig in for themselves- I am often one of those people.  But I also like to get a quick synopsis first. I like to pre-qualify, if you will, and a video is perfect for that. Client testimonials, 3D animation, explainers, they all have their place.

Users are just much more likely to initially view a video than read a lot of content. Period. Are you speaking to that need? Does your site offer that option? If not, many people are just leaving.

And don’t forget your call to action at the end. Once you have their attention, you are going to want them to act so they don’t think twice about calling you instead of your competitor. The beauty of developing a video marketing plan is that you are making it easier for the viewer to be exposed to the information you are trying to communicate.  They can just sit back and have it fed to them rather than making them work for it.

One of the top rated Chambers of Commerce in the Midwest felt like they were talking about the benefits of being a chamber member over and over again but with limited results, so the Marketing Director decided it was time for a new approach. Prospective members wanted to hear from existing members about what benefits they received from being in the Chamber, so that’s exactly the type of video they developed – member testimonials about how much the chamber helped them grow their business.  This was the bottom line question that people needed answered – “What’s in it for me if I join?”  Memberships increased by an additional 5% the first six months the videos played on the website.

Web video makes a difference. Are you leveraging this medium? Are your competitors? Here are the facts:

  • Site visitors that watch video on a website are 2X as likely to respond to your CTA than those who did not.
  • 56% of all consumer website traffic is web video.
  • Emails that include content-relevant videos increase click-through by 96%.
  • Website visitors that watch a video stay an average of 2 minutes longer on your page.

*Data is from an infographic from SundaySky and research from comScore.

If you sell products, services, or you are a non-profit organization working hard to make your community a better place, put video marketing to work for you. Contact us to make your organization stand out in the crowd.