Have you ever read a book that left you laughing, crying, happy, sad, or maybe even inspired? Of course you have. We all have.

Okay, have you ever seen a movie that evoked one or more of those same emotions? Certainly. We’ve all experienced that too.

The difference is, a video presentation offers the benefit of quickly grabbing short attention spans and then bringing out the desired emotion in an audience…much more rapidly than any sort of text based presentation. So how can you most effectively apply that benefit to your trade show video marketing efforts?

I’m glad you asked. But that’s not the real question – at least it shouldn’t be.

The real question you should be asking yourself is much more specific:

How can I use trade show video video marketing to really reach the individuals in my target audience?

Can you see the difference between these two questions? The first question – the one typically asked by most business owners – is a self-focused question. It only seeks a solution to the company’s problem.

The second question speaks to what you should be doing as a company to serve a particular market. And the key word in that last sentence is “serve”.

David Ogilvy said; “Never write an advertisement which you wouldn’t want your own family to read … Do as you would be done by … Good products can be marketed through honest advertising. If you don’t honestly believe your product is good, you have no business marketing it.”

Ogilvy’s advice also applies to video marketing and the choice of content you present.  If your product doesn’t provide real value to the market, you shouldn’t be marketing it. Providing real value is what serving your market is all about. And your trade show video should follow the same pattern- create a piece that serves a purpose for your viewers, that speaks to a need, answers a question, or solves a problem they are facing.

Ironically, when businesses make a strategic decision to truly serve their market, their market share will eventually grow. And that’s good for everyone.

So where does trade show video marketing fit into this equation? Well, let’s get back to the movie vs. book analogy. If a movie can elicit a desired emotion more quickly than a book, it follows that showing a video at a trade show will be more effective than handing out a bunch of brochures that may not even get read. Why not capture their attention and leave them wanting more with a well produced video, motion graphics animation, product demonstration or case study?

But here’s the caveat: Truly effective video marketing is that which somehow reaches the individual viewer on a personal level. It should move the viewer to a feeling of confidence that your product or service will meet their individual needs. It should be compelling and motivational. It should build trust and credibility. It should position you or your company in a positive light that reinforces your brand and vision.  That’s what Vision House does.

For help in creating an effective trade show video marketing strategy that will reach the individual viewer on a personal level, and enhance your overall brand, contact us online or 513-252-2970. We’re here to serve.