All the statistics clearly show that using web videos in your online marketing strategy can greatly improve your results. Video marketing brings your message to life. It adds flair and it has versatility (lots of ways to re-purpose).

Good videos are sellers and that is exactly what you want from your marketing investment.

It doesn’t take long to find videos on the Internet. They are everywhere. The challenge is producing videos for your business that will standout and bring you the attention you are seeking.

That brings us to the simple fact: quality, consistency and content are the keys to creating successful videos that resonate with your audience and move them to act.

That audience connection is essential.  Though high production value is required in order to professionally represent your organization, just throwing money at a fancy new video isn’t enough.  You need to tell a story…

In a recent post at Marketing Profs, Allan Johnson suggested several ideas for improving your chances of making real connections with your audience. One of the core ideas he made was that all video should “tell a good story.”

“Good stories engage us, seduce us, and recruit us; they open our minds to accept whatever message the creator wants to convey. Consequently, a good story should lie at the heart of every piece of video content.”

When developing a plan for your video content, it will pay to focus on the story.

What are your trying to say? How are you going to say it? Why is it important? How do you feel about it? Why should your audience care?

In short, a good story must have meaning and it must have focus.

Strong video stories will make a connection with your audience if they hit those two marks.

If you would like to learn more about how to tell your stories with video, contact us.