Remember the days when, if you were seeking some form of continued education, whether it was anything from “How To Start A Small Business” to “Intermediate Fencing for The Athletically Challenged”, you had to drag your weary self over to the library or community center and consume as much coffee as it would take to stay awake for a long presentation that often ended up offering very little in the way of practical advice?

Happily, times have changed.  Though it may arguably be the beginning of the end for our beloved local libraries (hope not!), the emergence of that wonderful tool we’ve all come to know and love called the Internet, has changed the way we do almost everything, and continued education is a wonderful example. How to Video Productions can be extensive, practical, and perhaps most importantly convenient. Small business owners in particular, stand to benefit a great deal from such a resource. The typical small business owner spends much more time “at work” than the average employee does. So time is even more precious in their world. The ability to leverage elearning videos, explainer videos or general how-to videos online whenever such an individual has the time- whether during lunch, before a meeting, standing in line or during some actual and well-deserved downtime, is fabulously convenient.

Elearning in the form of explainers and how to videos exists in literally thousands of subjects, a small business owner can brush up on every skill level of Microsoft Office, WordPress, Email marketing, and more. Even a class like “How to Start a Small Business” will be available. A simple google search for the right instructional video is all one generally needs to get going. So, relax, get home at a decent time, have dinner with the family instead of coffee at the library, and take advantage of  elearning in the form of how to videos when the need and the desire arises for your professional enrichment. Despite what some Yahoo CEO’s may think, a good work/life balance is highly desireable to some of us and online learning is a great way to help achieve this.

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