This is where we take all of the elements that were produced and assemble them in such a way that everything fits seamlessly and the message is communicated clearly. Today, post-production (editing) is accomplished by using non-linear digital editing suites, graphics compositing programs (After Effects) and 3D animation programs (like Maya). Basically, these are highly specialized professional software packages used to create, manipulate, and render productions at the highest quality.

Once the footage is handed off to an editor, he/she will review it and log all of the good and/or usable takes. The usable takes are then ‘captured’ by the editing system, storing each video clip on the computer’s hard drive. Once all of the clips have been loaded, the editor has the freedom to rearrange the video clips just as easily as you can edit and rearrange sentences in a word processing document.

A myriad of tools and special effects are available to the editor in order to edit your video to create the type of content, mood, pacing, etc. that you are looking for, which includes the creation of complex animated 2d or 3d graphics. We also have an extensive library of production music and sound effects at your disposal so that you can find the sounds to add the right feel to your video.

Once we’ve completed the first edit of your video, you can review the project and make changes as required. If you have a tight deadline and the final “say so” is out of town, we can encode your program into an internet streaming format and send your “final say so” a web address where they can preview your video online, to make changes or give final approval.

When your project is completed to your satisfaction, Vision House Studio will master your program to the video format of your choice to preserve the quality. We’ll also archive all of the elements of the project so that if changes need to be made at a later date, we don’t have to start all over. We’ll even store it in our Video Vault free of charge so that if you need duplicates, CD’s or DVD’s in the future, all you have to do is give us a ring!


Now that your program is finished, it’s time to decide how you’d like to distribute your program. VISION HOUSE can make your copies to virtually ANY video format, audiocassette, CD or DVD. We also provide international standards conversions, so customers can view your program anywhere in the world.

If your looking for more tech-savvy methods of distribution, we can also encode your program for internet streaming or download, work with you on leveraging social networks and even upload to all primary video servers online (such as YouTube, Vimeo and dozens more.)  We can create interactive motion picture quality interactive DVD menus, interactive CD’s, iTunes syndication or Flash animations suitable for web deployment.


Obviously, your completed video program is really what’s important—but the way your web streams, CDs and DVDs look on the outside will make that all-important first impression. We want you to stand out from the competition! That’s why VISION HOUSE provides you with the largest selection of packaging options available.

Both our CDs and DVDs are available in silk screen prints or, for shorter runs, in ink-jet printable discs, which means that we can print any artwork that you provide directly on the face of the disc using robotic duplicators. Or, if you don’t have the time or the resources, VISION HOUSE can design your artwork for you, using your logo or any other graphics that you can provide.

Grab attention with unique packaging options!

Want to try a business card shaped DVD or CD?  We’ve got them…Plus every sort of box, sleeve, jacket, case, colored shell, album or holder that you can think of (and probably some you can’t. Grab your customer or client’s attention with the packaging—then hold it with the message of your video. VISION HOUSE will help you make a statement in everything you do. We even offer custom packaging and labeling options, including full color label printing for DVD, Blu-ray, CD, video or audio cassettes, and direct printing on CD’s and DVD’s.