Five years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of creating a website without using a dedicated CMS like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. For years the web design industry has been in a scramble to convert old 90’s looking static HTML websites into fresh new CMS platforms so we could leverage all those usability features and cool plugins.  The costs of implementing blog, forum or eCommerce functionality has never been lower and we’ve been actively helping our clients leverage the benefits.  But some companies, although they fell in love with the platform early on, came to realize that actually using the CMS on a regular basis to make simple content updates was more of a chore than they anticipated.  I know many of our clients ended up using support time or purchasing block time so we could just make the changes for them. And now, after years of defaulting to a CMS platform… it is making sense for many to switch back. There have been a lot of articles written about the benefits of switching back recently, but here are some of the biggest:

Even though I develop CMS websites (as I type this I’m using a great CMS that we love) – I am still considering making the switch myself.  We don’t have the usability issues that some other people would have – I am extremely comfortable with using a CMS of course – but I just love the security, the flexibility of design, and the creative freedom that comes without the need to cram our vision into a CMS templating system.

The same holds true for many of our clients, so HTML is now very much on the table when I make recommendations.

Although we continually update the sites that we host, many clients are on servers that never receive maintenance and thus become extremely vulnerable to hackers and malware.  It consumes a lot of our bandwidth trying to stay ahead of these attacks (there is a massive brute force attack happening AS I WRITE THIS BLOG targeting WordPress sites around the world).  Because of security and the low uptake in actual usage by CMS owners, many small businesses are often served better by a static HTML site with one of our Site Managed hosting plans.  This benefits the client in a number of ways.

Key benefits of a static HTML website on a Site Managed hosting plan:

  • Content Updates  We do all of the site updates (and more) so you can focus on doing your real job… the kind that makes you money.
  • Malware a Non-Issue  We do automatic malware scans and handle any outbreaks 100% of the time, with no extra expense. Guaranteed.
  • Better Service  Because we don’t maintain a database and the scripting language required by a CMS, we can do much more for your support time.
  • Highly Secure And because there is no database or scripting language, huge numbers of vulnerabilities are not an issue.
  • No Hidden Cost  No unexpected migration or upgrade expenses later on due to CMS code and database structure evolution.
  • SPEED!  Dramatically fast page load times; provides an improved experience for your visitors.
  • Improved SEO Because speed is a ranking criteria, you will benefit in search rankings.
  • Modern  Better HTML 5 and cross-browser support without constant template or platform updates.
  • Prompt Content Updates  All page content updates are performed promptly by us.   No delays as your staff faithfully tries to get to it. No CMS usability challenges for them to figure out.. “How do I do this?!” ” Why doesn’t this look right?!”
  • YOUR Own Design Team  Receive true agency caliber capabilities such as professional graphic design, web video editing, header page animations and interactivity, GIF animations, SEO consulting and more. We leverage the design, animation and editing side of our business to provide a tremendous value to our hosted clients! 
  • Inexpensive Site Design Changes and Refreshes  we can spend more time on your brand and style when CMS template constraints aren’t part of the equation.


People aren’t opting for a CMS anymore just because it’s popular and bursting with features (that they probably won’t use) or just because it has buzz around promised simplicity and ease of use (and difficulty that’s often greater than expected).  Joomla and WordPress aren’t new anymore, the excitement has wained and the realities of business efficiency are trumping CMS as the de facto solution for all businesses regardless of need. The reality? It’s not the best option for everyone. Sometimes HTML is a better fit. Much, much better.  For years developers have shoe-horned customers into the latest and greatest CMS whether that’s what the customer needed or not. It’s been my experience that even many clients themselves come to the table with the assumption that they, as a matter of course, need a CMS. And that’s just not the case. I want the best solution for you, not the biggest sale or the most exciting platform.


CMS is an unbelievable technology that makes complex feature sets increasingly affordable. I love CMS and use it every day. Content Management Systems have their place if you have the patience, time and tech chops to make it work.  But many people are drawn in by the premise that page editing, menu editing, new page creation, photo gallery updates and new graphics will be easily accomplished by some of their own staff. The reality is often very different. The truth is that many SMB’s will not successfully carry that torch for very long! They invest in an expensive platform and custom designed template only to realize they aren’t leveraging even a small portion of the potential.  It’s a waste. They spend all that money on a CMS template, the plugins and customizations and then… fail to utilize.  They usually start strong, have good intentions, soldier on for awhile, but it quickly becomes a mixed proposition after the initial enthusiasm wanes- usually because of a long period of busyness with “real work” or a realization that good-looking graphic design is hard td… or that getting the text editor to display things write is agonizingly frustrating if you don’t know “code”.  I know, I have walked through this frustration with some of my own clients.  It needs to change.


That’s why we have started to offer a Site Managed hosting service that shifts the work back to the people who handle websites everyday- that’s us. This way you can focus on your real work (you know, the kind that actually makes money) and we can take care of the website. Efficiently. Promptly. And with the added benefit of professional graphic artists, designers, GIF animators and, if you need them, blog writers, video producers, motion graphic artists and more.

So it always looks great and it’s always up-to-date. Without headaches and logins and figuring out the CMS stuff. You have other things to deal with. Learn more about Managed Website hosting.


It usually costs much less to design a fresh new HTML (non-CMS) site that can later be upgraded with CMS features if needed, than it does to build a new CMS or update the existing CMS template.  And if you combine the HTML site with a Site Managed hosting plan, you can still get all the content updating benefits you had with a CMS… and more since we have professional, agency level marketing services at your disposal! This is an incredible value for our clients. We have had tremendous success and can create high-end graphic design and even header or GIF animations for your website using the support time. Combined with enterprise level, scalable cloud hosting on your own virtual server, it is an unbeatable value.