Consider your typical website visitor. What type of device are they using to access your site? Research shows that more and more of them are drifting away from the desktop computer and are browsing on the go. Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important each day. In fact, almost 75% of all shopping is done through mobile devices. That’s a large statistic that deserves consideration when you’re building your website.

One of the most interesting developments in the past year was the Microsoft Surface tablet. This ingenious design combines the mobile and desktop browsing experiences perfectly. There’s no doubt this product (and more like it in the future) will become the norm as far as the way users choose to access the Internet.

The question we have for you is, will your website be ready for these changes?

Many websites don’t translate well when they’re viewed on a mobile device. When such a large percentage of consumers are shopping and looking for services on their mobile devices, businesses need to be ready for them. Those that aren’t, will lose out on a large percentage of customers.

Mobile Responsive Web Designs change everything. They use media queries to find out what type of browsing experience is needed for the device the user is browsing on. This creates a perfect view of the website, regardless of the technology the person is using to access it.

The Microsoft Surface tablet is innovative because it gives the user a choice. It’s change, but we believe it’s change for the better. People need to have the option to go mobile if they choose, and having one device that does it all is a remarkable invention. Mark our words, you’re going to see more devices like this one on the market in the coming year. It’s our job to prepare businesses like yours to market their companies well using any device that’s out there.

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