The advent of mobile technology has made our media consumption habit much easier to satisfy. And that appetite has now become insatiable. We are media eating monsters. And why not? With the proliferation of mobile devices and relatively inexpensive high speed wireless networks, you can now watch video without being tethered to a couch and cable box, and there’s no need to sit in front of  that desktop PC either. Using a smartphone or tablet, we can watch a movie while taking a walk, watch a TV show while on an airplane, and you know where many of you like to take your phones and tablets for convenient reading?  Well… the Wall Street Journal can clear that up for you… (anyone have some handy wipes?)   Anyway,  we can and do consume media pretty much anywhere.  You get the point. It’s on fire.

So, is your business positioned to take advantage of mobile? Is your site responsive, do you have video? Your competitors probably do…

Mobile video is increasing in popularity and has nowhere to go but up. Here are a few reasons why this trend will continue.

1. The arrival of 4G LTE wireless networks. The 4G network supports faster data speeds than its 3G predecessor. This is an advantage for people who watch web videos  (as opposed to a video downloaded via iTunes), because web videos are streamed over the data connection. There may still be a fee for data usage, but it’s likely that A) one day that will be phased out just as it was with wired data usage and B) people who are viewing videos on 4G already know about their data usage plan.

2. Kids these days. Younger people are power users on mobile devices. This may seem like a stereotype, but it’s accurate. Many of these young people use their mobile devices to view rich content, including photos via Instagram and videos via YouTube. They have devices. They are lazy (more stereotypes). They watch video.

3. The prevalence of tablets. Tablets have gained a significant foothold in the mobile market space since they first appeared. The iPad and the Kindle Fire are both excellent devices for video playback and with mobile radios built in, many are using them with wireless data plans, ready to access content anywhere they go, all day long. It’s crazy.

Many projections say that mobile internet access will exceed fixed desktop access sometime next year. Make sure you’re positioned to market yourself effectively on these new platforms with great mobile websites and tight web videos and animations.

If you’re interested in learning more about producing videos for mobile playback or getting a mobile responsive website, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to produce a high-quality video in line with your goals.