You’re determined not to be the ostrich sticking its head in the sand. You know that mobile is here to stay. In fact, knowing that people will try to access your content, whether mobile-friendly or not, you realize that this is your opportunity to provide value. Now, however, you find yourself at a fork in the road. Responsive or dedicated mobile design? It isn’t as straight forward a decision as you may think…

It seems that everywhere you turn online, someone is touting the virtues of responsive website design as the solution to all problems. It certainly has its benefits, and is the ideal solution for many companies and a number of different situations. However, is it really what those from the responsive camp would have you believe? Is it really the best option for you? Is it time to throw in the towel on dedicated web design?

When someone visits a website on their mobile device one of two things happen. On the one hand, the web browser senses that they are on a mobile device and automatically redirects them to a mobile-specific version of the site. This is known as a dedicated mobile site. The other possibility is that the site that the user is accessing adjusts itself to the device, whether laptop, pad, or phone. This is called a responsive mobile site.

A responsive approach to web design does have a number of benefits. Only one URL is used, making it easier to link and share. It also makes it easier on web administrators, with tracking and analytics simplified. Updating your site is accomplished easily and smoothly, eliminating the need to update multiple sites. It’s also a little further ahead on search engine optimization.

However, depending upon your goals, responsive design may not actually be the right answer.

A dedicated website may be the best way to keep the consumer and their expectations in mind. When someone goes to your website on their mobile phone, they’re expecting more of a mobile-specific user interface. They typically are not looking for as much information as is contained on your main site. You are also able to simplify your content, making it easier to navigate on a smaller screen by doing away with needless and superfluous material. Dedicated design may not only meet your own needs better, but can also be a way to respect the needs and expectations of your consumer.

In today’s busy world, it seems that time is always in short supply. Here is another benefit to a dedicated mobile site. Not only do they tend to be fast, saving users time, but, due to their simplicity, can also be built and launched more quickly, saving businesses time.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should do it. This also applies to responsive website design. There’s no doubt that it can be done, and done effectively. However, simply because it does exist as an option, and likely the best option for some companies, doesn’t mean that it will meet the unique needs of each business. In reality, both responsive and dedicated mobile website design each have their roles to play. To discover which choice may work best for you, contact us, and find out how we can help to customize a solution for your design needs.