“A new website?  Didn’t we just do one of those?”  That may be, but there are a few signs that will tell you that you are ready for a change.

Numbers don’t lie

Perhaps the best sign that you need a revamp is whether your site is meeting the goals you had originally set.  Are you generating enough leads?  Are you effectively enhancing your brand?  Are you meeting your eCommerce sales goals?  Do you just feel like the look no longer represents your company image? Has it become stale and a bit outdated?

Regardless of the goal, if the site is performing below expectations, then you need to consider your options.  Ultimately, trust your gut on this; if you’re thinking “Hmm, I think we really need a refresh,” then you probably do, and it’s time for a redesign. Your web presence is often the first impression your company gives to a new client and there just can’t be any compromise here. It has to be positive. If you aren’t comfortable with what you have… if it doesn’t represent you well, then there is a problem.


People are busy. If it’s fast and easy to find on your site they’ll use it. But if your competitors make it easier, then your customers will go there instead. Thanks to advances in technology, we can carry the internet with us wherever we go, and delayed gratification is just not on many people’s “List of Things to Do.”  Because of that, you’re going to want to make sure that your website doesn’t delay your visitors’ gratification either.  Your website has to be easy to read, quick to load, and simple to navigate.  If someone has to take more than a few clicks to find the information they need, they’re just as likely to move on to a competitor’s website.


Another thing to keep in mind is that people are rarely going to look at a website on their smartphone and think “Oh, I can’t read this; I must remember to look this up when I get home.”  If you’re website isn’t ready to take on the small-screen visitor, then it’s time for a redesign.  Mobile versions of sites should be standard on all new web sites and even better, your site should be a responsive design. Responsive means the site dynamically adjusts itself to display properly on any device or browser no matter what size it is. (Try reading this blog article on a number of devices.. or just resize this page on your desktop screen to see the layout adjust itself automagically). If your site doesn’t do this you are not situated to take advantage of the mobile revolution: mobile viewing will soon surpass desktop viewing of websites!

The future is now

You know the saying “I bought this computer just yesterday, and now it is already out of date”?  Well, much the same can be said about web design.  What was once cutting edge is now “Hey, not bad for a first try!”  And that fancy Flash intro you had before doesn’t even work on all those iPads and iPhones.  You have to make sure that you are using technologies that are compatible with all of the devices and browsers that people are using.  Did you know we have to make different code for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari?  Sites don’t always display properly in every browser- have you checked yours for cross-browser or cross-device compatibility lately?

And what about engaging in social media? Are you being social?   Having a Facebook presence is vital anymore, and making sure it is linked with your website is going to be key.  Twitter is also a great way to have an immediate “back-and-forth” with your clientele.  Plus, you may also want to consider Pinterest; by allowing your visitors to “pin” you, you’re getting your brand out there for many more to see.  If you aren’t Facebooked, ready to Tweet and to be Pinned, then you need a redesign.

And while your previous website design may have been painful, your next one doesn’t have to be.  Not if we at Vision House Digital have anything to say about it!  Feel free to contact us about our website redesign services.


Vision House creates website solutions for you using one of two approaches. After studying your needs we will recommend either a static HTML site or a CMS (Content Management System) site.  We use one of three platforms for our CMS clients: Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress or Joomla.  Each approach offers its own set of strengths and we leverage those differently based on the specific needs of each client. Please contact us to get a free consultation and find out what we recommend for you.

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