Over the summer, Honda gave away a collection of digital projectors to drive in movie theaters across America so they could continue to screen movies for the public once their distributors go completely digital with film prints next year. Drive in movie theaters are an important business to the film market and an iconic piece of American history. However, most drive ins have become historical landmarks rather than thriving businesses.  A few drive in theaters have changed with the times and embraced new marketing methods, but most drive ins don’t even have a website. The death of the drive in certainly can’t be pinned on poor marketing alone, but it’s a cautionary tail that we should all learn from.  Always be willing to reevaluate your marketing strategy and change when yo have to.

Winning digital projectors or transferring to digital independently has given many drive in movie theaters a new lease on life. But now it’s time to reach that new audience and experience better than ever growth. Many theaters that have created unique new websites, utilized social media and video marketing campaigns have found great success. The Saco Drive In in Maine created a website this year and began video marketing and they have reached over 26,000 facebook likes and continually have fully packed weekends.

Drive in theaters are good at what they do, but it’s beneficial to bring in people that are experts at Web Consulting and Design to help grow your business. By creating a website, you open an avenue for an entirely new generation of people to find your theater. By embracing social media and creating an engaging website, your drive in theater, or any business, can compete in an entirely new market. Instead of trying to cash in on nostalgia, drive-ins can start to use new marketing tools to steal market share from regular movie theaters and win business they never thought their theater could get.  It works that way for your business to.

Now that you’ve embraced new marketing technologies, it’s time to truly take a new lease on life. Take your business to the next level by letting us help you create a website that markets and sells in a new way, to a new audience.   Contact us today.