Publishing web videos is an increasingly popular (if not necessary) method of sharing content. When it comes to your business website or blog, it is incredibly easy to incorporate videos. Furthermore, potential customers are coming to expect it as a helpful method of getting general information about businesses and researching their products. However, like blog posts and other types of content, video production is a waste of your time and money if people are unaware that it’s available.

Here are six simple methods of using social media to promote your web videos.

1) Embed the video content directly on your website or blog. You could periodically highlight an important topic on your homepage, or you could have a separate section that includes all of your available videos.

2) If you don’t already have a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing account, create one. Be active there and maintain a library of useful videos. Take advantage of the community and its interactivity by offering relevant comments and answering questions.

3) Post your videos on Facebook and link to them on Twitter and Google+. If you have a company page on LinkedIn, feature your videos there, as well. Most importantly, solicit feedback and promote two-way conversations; this is more meaningful to your audience than blatant self-promotion.

4) Don’t forget to include videos on Pinterest as well. The popular site has a separate video section where you can post anything from how-to’s to inspirational stories.

5) Comment on other business blogs where appropriate, linking to your video as a resource. This is one key way to help others answer questions and solve problems.

6) Share your videos on Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon, the most visited content aggregators. Don’t spread yourself too thin as far as sharing and posting, but make the most of the prominent sites in order to increase traffic to your own.

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