As consumers are becoming more cynical about traditional marketing methods, companies are starting to find that inbound marketing efforts provide much greater traffic and lead generation. And surprisingly, inbound lead generation with video costs 62% lower per lead than traditional outbound methods. When video is added to an inbound lead generation marketing plan, companies are finding increases of 30% to 40% in click throughs, a 20% increase in calls and as much as 50x better SEO.

The top 5 inbound methods that are attributed in increasing lead generation:


1. Landing Pages

2. Blogging

3. SEO

4. Social Media

5. Email Marketing


All of these areas benefit immensely from the inclusion of video content. The key to inbound lead generation is asking this question: what can you do to attract customers to you? Inbound marketing is not about what you want to tell the customer but rather what will help them initiate contact with you. Video builds human connections. These types of connections have been largely lost in the advent of the Internet. This could explain why video is now a close second to word of mouth in key decision influence.


Asking certain questions of your target audience will help guide your inbound marketing plan. In what ways do your customers want to interact with your content? What search terms do they use? What content do they want to consume?


Calls to action, clickable links, landing pages with additional video content or even the use of QR codes are all very important inclusions to any inbound marketing video but one of the most powerful methods is providing consistent and free value added content. This will create a relationship between you and the consumer, where your company becomes their go-to resource for that information. When they are ready to make a key purchase decision, you will be on the top of that list. Inbound lead generation with video puts you at the top of that list and will keep you there.


By following this pattern, you can begin Driving Inbound Lead Generation With Video. Please contact us to learn more.