Sadly, it’s pretty easy these days to walk down a busy street in Manhattan with hundreds of people walking by, avoiding eye contact with each and every one of them. This is because we live in a world driven by technology, where cell phones become an extension of many individuals, who pass their time deeply immersed, communicating with others in increasingly complex ways. Arguably the new “connections” have created new silo’s of their own, but the truth remains. More than half of all American adults own a smartphone and they aren’t afraid to use ’em… constantly.  But how exactly are these phones being used? Three popular mobile video sharing apps shed a light on the different types of smartphone users and how they interact with video…

Vine is the fun, lighthearted video sharing app that attracts a humorous crowd of self-made comedians. The twitter-owned app lets users make 6.5 second looping videos that continue to play from start to finish as long as they are open on the screen. Vine allows users to direct their video however they please without the pressure of adhering to certain content or standards.

The launch of Instagram video may still have some users hesitant, but it is important to know how it differs from Vine by focusing more on creativity and artistic quality. The filters that made Instagram famous are new and improved with an entirely new set made just for videos. Instagram videos are viewed similarly to Vine, yet the creation process differs slightly. Filming can be stopped and started in small segments, allowing for more diversity in imagery than through vine. These videos can easily attract traffic through hashtags on Instagram as well as by sharing on Facebook.

Vimeo is one of the most professional video sharing sites; the lesser-known YouTube that seeks to display meaningful videos with a message or a call-to-action. Activists, non-profits, start-up companies, musicians and artists use Vimeo as their primary sharing platform. The people who own Vimeo accounts are typically creating videos that are more refined, with a much higher production quality. The beauty of Vimeo is in its ability to easily create, edit and share video from a mobile device. These edits are more complex than Vine or Instagram and can easily be linked to Facebook.

Although there are different audiences and users for each kind of mobile video sharing app, each one has its own identity that is an important factor in the diversity of the video sharing community. To find out more about making beautiful videos to share on these smartphone apps, contact us today.