True story. An employee is walking along, arms probably too full, and slips…on a pinecone. No, nothing so glamorous as an extension cord, or, say, a boulder. No, a pinecone. As a result, a year later he’s undergoing major back surgery and collecting piles of Worker’s Compensation.

The potentials for an accident are everywhere. Whether falls, fires, equipment failure, toxic spills, or pinecones, every business is rife with areas in which employees can be harmed. And accidents do happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. However, studies have shown that many of these are preventable through the use of an effective safety education program.

By taking a proactive approach to accidents in your workplace, you not only decrease the incidence of accidents, but, by extension, decrease the amount of money your company is paying out in higher insurance premiums, Worker’s Compensation claims, and decreased productivity.

Using safety videos to avoid workplace accidents is a key compenent of any comprehensive safety program. Utilizing videos in your safety training first of all creates consistency. You can be assured that the same information is presented to all of your employees in the same manner. Secondly, you’re saving saving yourself money. Compare one video which can be utilized over and over again with paying someone to teach the same information. Particularly in industries with a high employee turnover, the money saved can be significant.

At Vision House Digital, we can help you to produce the the most effective video, ensuring that your staff is educated in workplace safety the right way, every time. So help to prevent accidents, even with pinecones, and contact us.