With more and more people spending large portions of their work (and play) time online, many companies have had to readjust the way they do business… and how they market. The days of the traditional brick and mortar style business are slowly giving way to commerce that flows through online channels.  Many of these traditional businesses have realized they must go online to maintain a competitive edge or, in some cases, just to stay in business.  Now they are competing for virtual eyes and need every edge they can get to be noticed in a very crowded space.

Frequent YouTube users have witnessed an increasing number of professionally produced advertisement bumpers at the beginning of videos they watch, whether they like it or not, and the trend is going to continue. Monetize, monetize, monetize.  Advertising is how YouTube makes money and increasingly, businesses are adjusting their marketing spend to reflect these new online priorities. Spend where the eyes are.

As a marketing tool, online video is growing rapidly. According to MarketingProfs, an online marketing magazine,

“The amount of content videos and video ads viewed in 2012 reached record-breaking numbers…”

It is crucial for any business looking to gain or maintain relevance in the eyes of consumers begins exploring video marketing. So much so that YouTube, in an attempt to increase advertising dollars, has made a case to advertisers that it helps to build brands. As the second largest search engine and over four million views a day, YouTube may just have a point. By engaging customers through video, businesses can keep themselves relevant, increase SEO and take advantage of the 55% of online users who view video daily.

Video Marketing allows for a reach well beyond the initial viewer. With more than five hundred years of video watched on YouTube daily and each minute on Twitter seeing over seven hundred YouTube videos shared, it is obvious that video viewership is a big part everyday life and provides many benefits to business. It’s prolific, easy to view even on our phones and the medium of choice for a generation of soundbite addicts that don’t like to read more than 140 characters at a time 🙂

As a marketing tool, video is rapidly making a name for itself and becoming increasingly harder to avoid. As a central part of everyday life, video, with its unique ability to tell stories, is loved and sought out by consumers regularly.

Video Marketing, as a low-cost effective way to reach consumers, is clearly the new wave of advertising. To find out how you can benefit from a well-crafted video campaign, contact us today.