Let’s face it. Video can speak so much louder than words if it has good production value. And since there are TONS of ways to get your video out there and seen by your target audience, it’s really worth the investment, now more than ever. However, you will have to do few simple things if you want to start driving inbound lead generation with video. Here are several steps you can take that are guaranteed to make your online commercial more effective at creating the conversions you need.

Step One: Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Every web video or commercial has a goal. Goals like “make money” or “get customers,” are somewhat vague. Every business wants to do these things, yes, but you want to identify your specific goal(s). Do you want people to join your mailing list? Do you want people to buy your new product or order a free sample? Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them just to be your Facebook fan? What kind of specific leads are you looking to generate? When you are specific you will have more success… and you will have a measure with which you can judge your success and ROI.

Step Two: Only Present a High Quality Video Production

High quality, good story, clear and beautiful images, up to date motion graphics, clean audio… these are the only things that are acceptable in the world today. Graininess is not an option. When your son’s Fisher Price digital camera takes better video than the camera you used to make your YouTube commercial, something is horribly wrong. So many people make the mistake of using a web cam or iPhone to shoot their video, and even if the camera is good, how was it lit?  These are all criteria that impact the quality perception of your company when people view your material.  Sure they don’t say “that interview should have a had a keylight and their short was overexposed. Yuk.”  Only I do that (so sad, I know) but they do PERCEIVE poor quality and then they associate you and your company with that dodgy video. Not good.

Step Three: Decide on the Venue and Format

There are many advertisement formats and styles. We can animate a 3D product video, interview client testimonials, shoot footage of your unique manufacturing process, anything you want.  And we can do it well. Your production team will help you to choose the right format to convey your message. Some popular styles include, humorous sketches and vignettes, product demonstrations, tutorials, narratives, testimonials and explainer videos (full of pen and ink doodles, bullet point lists, charts and graphs).

Step Four: Utilize Every Consultation by Clearly Expressing Your Needs and Goals

Consultation with your production team is going to be a key part of your video creation process. When you work with a corporate video production company, it is wise to use their expertise in this arena to the fullest. They will help you to determine:

  • The right format or style of your video that has clear goals and is measurable.
  • How to structure your video to hold the short attention span of the average viewer.
  • How to craft a focused video that makes a clear, strong statement.
  • Where to place your call to action, company name, website or phone number etc.

You can start driving the type of inbound lead generation you are seeking today.Contact Vision House at VisionHouse.Pro.