The other night when you were researching new ways to grow your business, you came across a harrowing statistic about YouTube that you never knew.

YouTube is the second most-used search engine on the Internet, with almost as many daily searches as Google.

Don’t panic. Yes, video is important. People love videos, and those businesses who include videos on their websites are quickly becoming favorites among their visitors. You don’t need to set up your web cam and shoot a lot of poorly-conceived YouTube videos just yet. At Vision House, we can help you revitalize your brand and your business through videos. Take a deep breath and check out these three essential web video success tips that have helped others maximize the results they’ve gotten from videos for their business.

#1: It’s Not About You

It’s really not. It’s about your customers. Your customers are looking at your website with one thought in mind: How does this benefit me? It’s your job to answer that question right at the beginning of your video. Doing so will convey a message to your customers that says, “We’re here to help you.”

#2: Content is King

You’ve probably heard the saying that “Content is King” and this is just as important in video as it is in the written word. What’s the premise of your video? Do you want to entertain your viewer? Make him laugh? Cry? Do you want to inform your viewer? Whatever your goal is, take the limited amount of time you have and fulfill it. This video is a “hook” for your website. If your visitors like it, they’ll come back. Promise.

#3: Include a Clear Call To Action

The call to action is vital to the success of your video. What do you want your viewer to do? Watch another video? Contact you for more information? If you don’t include a clear call to action, you’ll end up with viewers who feel confused about what their next step is supposed to be. So, make sure you do this important step before you close. After all, the call to action is what turns website visitors into customers.

Are you looking for a great way to breathe new life into your business website? Video is the way to go! At Vision House, we’ll provide you with video services that are professional and tailored to your preferences. Contact us today for more information.