Traditional television and movies are fast becoming a thing of the past. Americans rarely sit down as a family in front of the TV to watch a show together. Instead, we watch streaming video on tablets and smartphones, DVR shows that aren’t available on-line, consume commercial free programming on NetFlix… and even Steven Spielberg and George Lucas are predicting the “implosion” of the major film studio networks and soon coming radical changes to the traditional method of theatrical film releases.

This revolution is also affecting how small businesses reach their customers through video marketing. Unlike traditional television ads, video marketing can meet your customers at their own point of convenience. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article by Thales Teixeira (June 2013), 83% of US internet users watch videos on-line and of those clips 12% were advertisements or non-traditional marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is an important trend today because fewer viewers actually watch tv and movies from networks. Many are watching on so-called “second screens”, such as smartphones, iPads, or tablet computers, which are ideal for delivering targeted content.

Next, video marketing can be designed, created, and distributed for only a fraction of the cost of traditional ad campaigns. Each time a commercial airs on a tv network, fees of $14,000 to $45,000 are incurred. Targeted, online video marketing campaigns can be created and distributed for much, much less.  And you can gather analytics that provide concrete measures of success.

Finally, studies have shown that when a user chooses a video on-line, he/she will remain more attentive while viewing it. On-line marketing campaigns will not only target the specific customer group, but will keep them more engaged than a traditional TV ad campaign.

So, what does video marketing have to offer you?

  1. Distribution to where and how your customers watch videos.
  2. Lower cost
  3. Higher levels of engagement.
  4. Metrics that can verify true ROI

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