If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth… much more. Whatever business or profession you’re in, you can use your lobby or waiting area to showcase video content that will inform and educate your visitors about your product or service in a far more dynamic and interesting way than posters and other static displays ever would. It’s easy to repurpose a trade show video, a successful web video or even create something new. Videos appeal not just to the sense of sight but of sound as well, and present not simply a single moment in time but an entire story, rich with context, meaning, and a vision for the future. Additionally, well written and produced video content in sales areas can easily pack a ten minute presentation into a one minute multimedia clip, after which the staff has only to close the sale.

For retail waiting areas, corporate lobbies, doctors and dentists with busy practices-topical videos with content that entertains and educates will minimize inconvenience and advance your brand at the same time . Not only can these videos provide clients with the latest information about your products or services, but they can be used to inform them about new techniques and opportunities that you may be planning as you expand your business.

Whether you are in sales, service, or a medical profession, you can replace a wall full of posters and other boring waiting room visuals with vibrant, entertaining digital signage video content that will keep your customers busy and engaged in your product or service while awaiting your attention. At Vision House we have specialists in every area of multimedia production, from script to screen, so whatever form you would like your presentation to take, we have experts on our team that can provide it. If you need a video for your lobby, a multimedia presentation for an important client, or a full length documentary about your company and its products, contact us at your earliest convenience and let us impress you with our artistic talent and technical expertise.