Effectively using videos on your Facebook Fan Page can be an excellent promotional and educational resource for businesses of every size. When using social media, especially as a way to post videos, there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure your company is remembered for all the right reasons.

1) Keep your video brief and to the point: Whether you’re designing and filming a video or posting a link to an already-made; one make sure the message is entirely relevant to your product or company. Succinct, witty videos are the smart way to go.

2) Invest in quality graphics, animation and video production: If you’re making a video, do yourself a favor and invest in quality equipment and production. Don’t detract from your company’s excellent purpose or products with a poor-quality video. Good work doesn’t have to break your budget, research what companies are available in your price range and consider it an investment in the growth of your company.

3) Check your links! Double (and triple) check your links to ensure there no broken hyperlinks when you post your video.

4) Open your privacy settings: To drive traffic to your Facebook page make sure your video can be easily viewed and shared by broadening your privacy settings.

5) Host give-a-ways, contests and other promotional events: Posting a creative video is the perfect forum to engage new customers. Hold their interest by offering a contest or give-a-way of your products!

6) Create a Facebook event: Creating virtual invitations for promotional events (like the launch a new video!) is a free service you can invite fans, customers and potential customers to.

7) Use accurate, well-selected keywords: Carefully choosing keywords in the title and description of your video will ensure it comes up in searches. Again, make sure the privacy settings are open so it’s searchable!

8) Use the “Like” button: Make it an option for all the videos you post and make sure you “like” pages that promote interests similar to yours. Because everything you like can be viewed publicly it exposes your product to a broader audience and guarantees that your profile is active every day.

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