We love to do kinetic typography pieces (check out this case study of a recent one) so I thought I would curate a few of my favorites and put them in one place for your enjoyment. A couple of ours are in the list as well. Let your imagination wander a little and consider how you might be able to use something like this yourself. These videos are a unique approach to telling your story and they are adaptable to virtually any subject matter. They are fast moving, retain interest, creative and engaging. Hope you enjoy!


One of my all time favorites. Really funny song too…



Conan final episode of Tonight Show

Conan O’Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.



The Ten Commandments



The Social Network – Full Attention clip



Bruce Lee’s famous piece “Be Water”



“Speak With Authority” Funny!



A Thoughtful Study of Typography and it’s massive influence – Kinetic in real life.



Very creative song adaptation… more than Kinetic Typography here, but look for the samples. They’re quite good.



More about animated fotns (Animography) it’s still an interesting sample:



A quick little promo piece we did:

Promo Video – Men of Valor Conference Revised by Vision House from Vision House on Vimeo.



And another (see the case study on this one):

ChartMaxx Kinetic Typography – Short from Vision House on Vimeo.


Let me know in the comments if you have some you would like to add to the list… I’d love to get some other great samples I haven’t seen yet.