In recent years, a growing number of businesses have uncovered the power of using video marketing. Many companies have begun to incorporate video marketing as a part of their daily marketing process. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals are now using Video Marketing to obtain a clear set of benefits. These benefits include increased qualified lead acquisition and a more engaging sales process. But, when done right, there is another great side benefit…

One of the most valuable aspects of video marketing is that it allows for companies to achieve higher rankings in search engines. Higher search engine rankings are one of the main goals of almost all business owners since high search engine rankings bring about a high level of business exposure.

Meanwhile, most search engines, including Google, have begun placing higher search engine rank value on web pages that include video. So, it follows that the more marketing videos a company produces, the more likely it is that a company will rank first in a search engine. (Make sure it is optimized properly)

Higher search engine ranking and longer stays from interested website visitors is the likely result of a well outlined video marketing campaign. In 2011 eMarketer reported that consumers are 40% more likely to visit a company’s website once they have watched a video.

Video marketing involves the development of engaging video content; video marketing campaigns function as animated mini brochures or white paper case studies for those new to the organization, it can provide in-depth explanations for vested customers and even allow executives to personally engage customers in a way that’s otherwise impossible.

In most cases, people that are interested in your videos will share them with someone they know. Sharing online videos has become central to the way people express themselves, so there is always the side-benefit of continued distribution through social media platforms. And of course, the more people watch your video, the more brand awareness and exposure you get for new leads.

Video marketing also increases the amount of time that website visitors spend on a particular site. Increased website visitation time coupled with consumer video sharing undoubtedly help to increase brand awareness.

Video Marketing is an inexpensive marketing tool that can benefit nearly any business. To find out how a creative video marketing campaign can help your business contact us.