Remember back when everyone was excited about being able to chat online?  Maybe I’m dating myself here, but twenty years ago, it was amazing to be able to type something and have it come out instantly on your friend’s computer on the other side of town. What’s next, we all joked, video calls?

Well, yeah. And video voice mails. And video tagging. And video…everything.

Video is making careers (hello, Justin Bieber!) and making some companies stand out from their competition.

Today, video marketing is essential to social media identity. Why? Read on:

Video is everywhere.

Research by Pew Internet shows that more and more people–across demographics–are watching online video. This is astounding: it doesn’t matter if your client base is preteens or grannies, they’re likely to watch videos on the Web. And, of course, you want to be where your customers are.

Video is catchy.

Pew Internet also found that 41 percent of adult internet users will share and repost videos. This means that your videos have a great chance of being passed on to potential clients that you haven’t reached through your other marketing efforts.

Video is fun & engaging.

Social media marketing is about attracting a network of people who get value from the content you post online. Photos and text status updates are also important to a well-rounded marketing campaign, but videos–because of their dynamic, compelling nature–pull in the viewer and give him or her a more complete idea of your company and your products or services than a static post ever will. Plus, video marketing allows you to show your creativity and company values far more than text or even images can accomplish.

BONUS! Video is multi-purpose.

While your video marketing efforts can and should be posted to your social media outlets, that isn’t all you can do with it.   Videos we produce can be repurposed for multiple uses including presentations, on screens at trade fairs, distributed in direct mail and even in local TV spots. You can take some of the script from your video and turn it into blogs and status updates. Stills can be used in your print marketing, or inserted in your mass mailings. And of course posting video on your website is critical for getting listed higher than your competition in search results.

For more information on how we can help you with your video needs, or about our web hosting service, please contact us.