Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted animation or explainer video. The right video can spice up your trade show booth, seminar, or sales meeting. Let’s look specifically at trade shows.

Trade shows are packed with content. Each vendor competes for attention. You must find a way to stand out in a sea of vendors without falling out of alignment with your overarching goals and philosophies. Video accomplishes this in several ways:

  • It attracts people with a pleasing mix of audio and visual. Sound, color, and movement create interest.
  • It appeals to apprehensive or unsure visitors. Some interested parties may want a no obligation foray into your offerings without too much engagement. Video offers a way for you to pre-qualify prospects and save time for those that really want to discuss things more.
  • It keeps visitors at your booth when you’re busy. Those who approach while you’re busy with other visitors, have something interesting to watch and are more likely to wait until you’re free.
  • A video can demonstrate your written or spoken talking points. Instead of just telling, you can also show. (See how great 3D animation is at doing this.)

Word to the wise, however: A flashy video may bring an audience and keep them around a bit, but if it’s the wrong kind of video, it may detract from your purpose. Take care that any videos at a trade show booth, sales meeting, dealer show or seminar actually aligns with and enhances your organization’s goals and philosophies. A confusing or contradictory video–or even one that lacks substance or purpose–may become a distraction or worse. Sending your visitors away with the wrong message does nothing to create lasting relationships. However, creating a tightly branded video or animation that enhances your image, advances your goals and rightly represents the essence of your organization is time well spent.

The benefits of your sales or trade show video do not end when everyone packs up and goes home. Here is the bang for your buck: You can keep using it. Repurpose it. Over and over. Share the video on social media and your website. Run it on loop in the lobby of your office. Integrate the video into your PowerPoint presentations. Play it at a seminar or adapt it for a big sales presentation. Create a video that makes you proud, and you’ll look for every opportunity to share it with others.

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